Are software bugs slowing your business
and threatening its security?

Bugs are inevitable — but they don’t have to place your business at risk.
OpenRefactory’s Intelligent Code Repair (iCR) uses intelligent algorithms to detect common programming errors that result in software failures or may expose your code to attack. Once detected, iCR produces the code to remove the problem.

Risky business

Released code contains about 15 bugs per 1000 Lines of Code (LoC). Once detected, 50% of bugs remain unfixed for 438 days. Over 1000 vulnerabilities are reported every week in the National Vulnerbility database (NVD).


OpenRefactory’s Intelligent Code Repair (iCR) gives you

What is Intelligent Code Repair?

Intelligent Code Repair finds and fixes software security bugs — automatically, using intelligent analysis and code refactoring! It does <benefit>. Used by <who> for <something>, it achieved <proof point> — and <magic!>

How about a demo?

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Founded on research

Intelligent Code Repair disrupts how software development by automatically fixing safety, security, and compliance bugs. It’s built on proprietary refactoring technology developed by Dr. Munawar Hafiz at the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign.

“Business are built on software.
Software is built by humans.
Bugs are inevitable.
How can we sleep at night?”