Are software bugs slowing your business and threatening its security?

We Fix


OpenRefactory’s Intelligent Code Repair (iCR)

  • Detects common programming errors that result in software failures
  • Finds errors that may expose your code to attack
  • Produces corrected code to remove the problem

The Problem

Over 100

security vulnerabilities reported every week in the National Vulnerability Database(NVD)

90 days to close

resolved bugs, on average

50% of bugs

remain unfixed for over a year

15,000 bugs

remain unfixed on average for every 1,000,000 lines of released code

Intelligent Code Repair (iCR)

iCR helps software developers achieve higher Security, Reliability and Compliance goals by analyzing source code to detect and automatically fix critical programming errors

iCR Fixes

Security problems

Fix vulnerabilities that expose your applications to attack

Reliability problems

Relieve users of your software from crippling failures

Compliance problems

Meet the secure coding standards prescribed by CERT, ISO, and MISRA

Research backed by Industry Giants and
the Government

Commercial Partners

Open Source Projects

Automatic Fixing is the Future