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How good is ChatGPT in finding software bugs?

Munawar Hafiz, CEO of OpenRefactory, writes this blog post. ChatGPT’s bug finding capability is limited to small code snippets, less than a hundred lines of code. When it finds bugs correctly, its explanation of the bug is better than all other static analysis tools in

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The Financial Risks of Software Bugs

It’s easy to overlook the occasional software bugs and glitches, but some of the most negligible software errors could result in substantial financial costs if left unfixed. Case in point, a software bug in self-driving cars made them automatically brake after falsely detecting emergencies. This

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iCR detects the latest PyPI repository poisoning attempt

**Image courtesy of Cyber Kendra) Open source libraries lay the foundations for modern applications. Polluting the libraries opens up opportunities to create security backdoors at a massive scale. There have been several recent incidents to pollute open source repositories. Here is a story from last

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GitHub Copilot: Coding by Numbers?

When I was a kid, I found it fun to create “art” using a Paint by Numbers kit. Maybe you also played with it as well. Paint by numbers was a way to take a person with minimal skill (that would be me) and have

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