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Cleaning up the Beach

This blog was created by Charlie Bedard. It is a lovely day and, being fortunate enough to live near a coast with long, sandy beaches, you decide to take the family to the beach. You hop in the car and head to the beach. Everyone

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When All Things Are Not Equal

This blog was created by Arafat Tanin, Software Security Engineer, OpenRefactory and edited by Charlie Bedard. When working with Java and its extensive standard library, you may often find yourself dealing with collections like HashSet and HashMap. These collections rely on the equals(Object) and hashCode() methods of the

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Don’t Eat the Pickle!

This blog was created by Ataf Fazledin Ahamed, Software Security Engineer, OpenRefactory and edited by Charlie Bedard. Story   For the last month and a half, I have been looking at the source code of some of the most popular open source software projects as

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How good is ChatGPT in finding software bugs?

Munawar Hafiz, CEO of OpenRefactory, writes this blog post. ChatGPT’s bug finding capability is limited to small code snippets, less than a hundred lines of code. When it finds bugs correctly, its explanation of the bug is better than all other static analysis tools in

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The Financial Risks of Software Bugs

It’s easy to overlook the occasional software bugs and glitches, but some of the most negligible software errors could result in substantial financial costs if left unfixed. Case in point, a software bug in self-driving cars made them automatically brake after falsely detecting emergencies. This

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