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Tools: Love ’em or Leave ’em

Hi. My name is Charlie and I am an Engineer. I have been an Engineer all of my life. I have written thousands of lines of code in dozens of languages, some of which you have never heard of. I have worked with and managed

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A Simple Rounding Error

Sometimes simple errors may bubble up and produce something big. A classic example of this is rounding off with floor() or ceil() methods in an arithmetic operation too early. In that case the off-by-one error propagates and may lead to a significant deviation. While preparing

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Bug Journal – KeePassDroid, Dec. 2020

KeePass is a free, open source, light-weight and easy-to-use password manager that allows users to manage their passwords across multiple accounts and applications in a secure way. It supports a password database that is locked with a single master key. KeePassDroid is a port of

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Bug Journal – Jenkins, Nov. 2020

In this blog series, we will share some findings from running iCR on open source code. We ran iCR on Jenkins version jenkins-2.264 with the last commit hash of 4ff3e8d. This version had 1634 Java files and about 285 KLoC. We will be giving examples

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SAST Signal to Noise

This is an opinion piece written by Charlie Bedard, COO of OpenRefactory. Charlie reflects on SAST practices based on his years of experience. Programing languages are the “carpenter’s tools” for software developers. Just like a good carpenter would not use a chisel as a screwdriver

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