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Thank you for your interest in trying out Intelligent Code Repair for Java.
To see how iCR can work on your Java project, you can download OpenRefactory’s iCR Java Lite package. Please enter your contact information in the iCR Lite for Java box and we will send you the link to where you can download the package. We will also send you the End User License Agreement (EULA) which you can acknowledge as part of downloading the package.
The package will include the software necessary to run the analysis on your Java project and review the results. You will get a zip file containing: (1) a Docker image containing the iCR analysis engine, (2) a Docker image containing the iCR reviewer, (3) the user manual, and (4) a copy of the (EULA). Note that you must be familiar with Docker and how to run Docker images on your system. The analysis engine included in iCR Java Lite contains a single fixer which addresses Rule 05. Object Orientation (OBJ), OBJ01-J: Limit accessibility of Fields (https://wiki.sei.cmu.edu/confluence/display/java/OBJ01-J.+Limit+accessibility+of+fields).

iCR Lite for Java

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