About OpenRefactory


Security bugs, when exploited, are extremely costly. There are expenses for damage control, the expedited effort to deliver the remedies, and the restoring of a tarnished reputation. 

Bugs are created at a faster pace than developers can deal with them. They outsmart even the best of software teams. Even if developers use existing automated tools to detect bugs, they still have to fix them manually. 

But dream a little: What if the developers didn’t have to get bogged down with bug fixes? What if they had access to a cache of automated fixers that not only detected bugs but also fixed them? How much of a productivity increase would you see? How much money would you save? 

That’s where OpenRefactory comes in.

Our fixers are the only service in the market that deal with safety, security, reliability, and compliance bugs, fully automated in an end-to-end manner. 

Developers already work hard. OpenRefactory’s fixers help them work more efficiently and produce better code—therefore reducing the probability the next security exploit will occur.